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Rolyier Sunflower Oil Refined - Purified, Non GMO and High-Heat Sunflower Cooking Oil 1 Liter Pack of 1

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  • Organic Sunflower Oil: With our Non-GMO healthy cooking oil, which was made without chemicals, hydrogenation, or other harmful processing, you can bring the best of nature to your table. It is expeller pressed and entirely natural. Our sunflower oil has an approximate smoke point of 450 degrees.
  • PREMIUM TASTE: Rolyier provides artisan perfection to your kitchen and home. The superior taste that comes from the highest quality ingredients serves as the foundation of all of Rolyier's natural, oils. Any food will taste better with Rolyier flavor.
  • FROM SUNFLOWER SEED: Rolyier Sunflower Refined Oil is derived from sunflower seeds, a rich source of oleic acid and vitamin E. To preserve the oil's freshness and nutrient density, it is cold pressed. Due to its high smoke point, it is ideal for deep frying and cooking at higher temperatures without affecting the nutritional value of your meal.