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TeaYan Gift Collection Bouquet

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TeaYan Gift Collection Bouquet

TeaYan has created for you this collection of five unique herbal tea bundles that will turn your tea party into an unreal experience. This concept is based on traditional Armenian teas. Our bouquets are collected from ecologically clean areas of Armenian alpine highlands and contain the highest content of essential oils. The fruits and spices add special brightness to our collections creating an extraordinary symphony of tastes and aromas. We create natural taste in each handcrafted infuser. TeaYan is natural, without artificial additives and caffeine. It will bring you closer to nature, relief stress and fill your soul with harmony. 


Quantity: 18 Tea Bags 

Regency Bouquet: Chamomile/ Melissa/ Ginger/ Lemon 

- 3g x 3 packets 

Vesperum Bouquet: Peppermint/ Cinnamon/ Anise

- 4g x 3 packets 

Inspiration Bouquet: Tilia/ Rose/ Vanilla 

- 3.5g x 3 packets 

Warming Bouquet: Sea Buckthorn/ Orange Peel/ Peppermint 

- 5g x 3 packets 

Harmony Bouquet: Thyme/ Strawberry/ Ziziphora/ Stevia 

- 5g x 3 packets 


  • Teayan 100% Natural.
  • Caffeine free.
  • Contains no artificial flavors.
  • Package Size: 5 x 7 
  • Origin: Armenia

 Hand crafted in Armenia

Herbal Tea Bouquet of freshness - TeaYan selective collections from Armenia